How to Package and Export Logo Files in Just 5 Minutes!

If you read our last post here, you learned exactly what logo files you need to get from your designer as a client. This post, however, is for all the designers out there! This may sound a bit ridiculous, but we are going to show you how to go about saving all of those necessary logo files for your clients in just FIVE minutes.

Lets face it, saving logo files as a designer can be exhausting, soul-crushing, and just downright time-consuming. It’s a very precise process that if done incorrectly, can be a nightmare for you and your clients. This process of saving logo files for a client can easily take up an hour of your day, which is A LOT of time as a biz owner!

Thankfully, the Logo Package Express has completely changed the logo export and file packaging game entirely. Originally a script run within Adobe Illustrator, Logo Package Express is now a full-blown Adobe Illustrator extension, and we honestly could not be more excited about it. What used to take us upwards of an hour to complete for each client on the books, now takes us less than five minutes.

Not only will it save you time, but it will allow you to precisely export all of the necessary logo files any designer or client would ever need. You can also custom tailor each and every export to suit any client no matter what their needs are.


you can grab Logo Package Express here!


Here’s how to save logo files in under 5 minutes with Logo Package Express:

Step 1:

Once you have your full logo open and the extension installed, select your full logo and click the ‘set logo’ button in the extension.

Note: to access the extensions, navigate to Window > Extensions > Logo Package express.


Step 2:

Go through each option and select and ‘set’ it in the extension. Select the logo mark and set it, then the logotype, then the tagline. You do this by simply selecting that element of the full logo on the artboard.


Step 3:

One you have every element of the full logo set in the extension, simply click the ‘Make Print Logos’ or ‘Make Web Logos’ button. This will generate all the types of colorways you’ll need.

From there, click the ‘Export Print Logos’ or ‘Export Web Logos’ button, enter the client’s name when prompted, choose where to save, and you’re DONE.


Seriously, that’s it!

We have been using the script for about a year and have been lucky enough to beta test the brand spankin’ new Illustrator extension that launches today! This is without a doubt one of the most beneficial tools we have ever used! It has sped up our workflow and freed up precious time for us to complete more tasks throughout our workday. Seriously... this tool saves us so much time where it truly matters and will save you plenty too!


you can grab Logo Package Express here!


Have any questions about Logo Package Express or on how to use it? Ask us in the comments, below! ⇩
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