Easy Branding Checklist for Entrepreneurs


You did it! You have your business plan in place. You’ve got a massive list of actionable goals you need to complete in order to be successful in your latest and greatest venture as an entrepreneur. Now its time to get down to the nitty-gritty and develop your brand.

We put together this easy checklist of branding basics to give you a better idea of the things that will help develop your business even further. There are tons of things you can do to achieve further development of your business, but when it comes to visual branding, we feel these five things are absolutely necessary. Let’s dig in!

Brand Clarity—

It’s extremely crucial to ask yourself some very important questions about your project or business that will help you to identify what it is you will need to convey your brand properly. Some of the things we ask our clients include:

1. What does your brand do?
2. Who is your customer or audience?
3. What problems are you solving?
4. What is your mission or mission statement?
5. What is your true ‘why’? Why does your brand exist?

Define Your Voice—

Defining the voice of your brand will set the tone of how you will present yourself to the world, and ultimately how you want to be perceived by your customer or audience. An exceptional brand voice is one that will leave an impact on anyone who comes across you.

Is your brand one that solves a problem? Consider a reassuring or comforting tone.
Is it one that has the potential to change how people live? Think about using a motivational tone.

The tone in which you communicate to your audience or customer base is one of the most crucial aspects of building a lasting and impactful brand. This will also come up again later, in the social media section!

Your Logo—

Putting a face to a name is one of the most important steps in defining and growing a brand. A good logo should identify your purpose and what you do, without having to explain either of those things. It says “Hey world! This is what we’re about! This is our vibe!” We feel that a great logo should be simple, yet distinctly memorable, and should also be versatile to use in any environment regarding your brand. It also needs appropriate for exactly what it is that you are offering. The CEO of UPS may love soccer, but the UPS logo wouldn't have a soccer ball in it, would it?

Consistent Social Media Presence—

Here at the studio, we love using social media platforms to directly interact with our community. Being consistent in the way that you rep your brand to the rest of the world is essential. It’s just one more place where you have direct control over how you portray your business and how you want it to be seen. This is also where your brand voice and visual elements will actually communicate themselves to your target audience, to help begin building your brand. A cohesive social media presence will directly affect how your brand is perceived by anyone who views your business online, and it’s an essential aspect of developing your brand.

Your Website—

We have a little saying about websites.

“Your website should be your best employee — always working, selling, and there to help, even when you are not!”

Your website is where you get to tell the world all about your business. What your business is, what it does, how it does it, and why it does it.
It may seem like this is a given, but your website should be entirely on-brand. Simply, if it doesn't represent what you’re all about, it shouldn't be on your website. Your website should also have a clear purpose, and that purpose should be made clear right off the bat.

Are you selling a product or a service? Direct them to buy.
Are you informing people about your latest music release? Tell them all about it, and send them to your music!

It should be exceptionally easy to find these things we just mentioned, and not buried behind blogs, Instagram feeds, or ads. Remember: A great website is one that is easy to navigate!


We hope this has helped you when thinking about your own brand and has you asking yourself some seriously important questions. We also hope you take a considerable amount of time to really think about the answers you come up with, and how you will put those answers into action!

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What are some other visual branding essentials you live by? Let us know in the comments, below. ⇩
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