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How We Booked Up Months in Advance (With NO Website!)


Over the last year or so, we began to book up our projects months in advance but we didn’t yet have our website up. It wasn’t expected at all as a website is a key component to running a business. In fact, we highly advise you have a website in place, as a website works for you when you aren’t, but we know sometimes it just isn’t possible at the time. While we didn’t have ours up yet, we made sure cover all the bases we could and utilize what we did have available to us as maximally as possible. So, today we’re going over the three key things we did to stay booked up at least two months in advance. 

Social Media —

The first thing we made sure to have in place was our social media accounts. We primarily use Facebook and Instagram as those are where our clients are. We put a lot of time and effort into organizing and curating our feeds. We wanted our best foot forward at all times and for the work that we were presenting to speak for itself. On Instagram, we spent time researching key hashtags to use to draw in the right audience and scheduled our posts at optimal times. By targeting the right hashtags, we were able to get new clients reaching out to us. A tip for this: think of the hashtags your dream customer would be browsing. Using social media allowed us to showcase previous design work, projects in progress, and to engage with potential clients.

Previous Clients —

The bread and butter of our business are our previous clients! Without them, where would we even be?! We reached out to our previous clients and asked them if the would give us a quick, simple, and honest review of our time working together. We didn’t expect to get over 30 five star reviews on our Facebook page, but we did and we’re so grateful! Having these reviews in place allowed potential clients to see that working with us was a great experience for many people just like them. Because of our unique process, our clients truly enjoyed the project and working with us. Clients talk, and having happy clients that meant the referrals were coming in! Happy clients don’t just happen, though.

Our Process —

The most important aspect of all of this? Our process! Processes take a very long time to get right and ours took about two years! When a potential customer comes to you and decides to work with you, if your processes aren’t in place it can lead to a super unhappy customer. This, in turn, can lead to the loss of more customers. By making sure our process was unique, collaborative, and hands-on, projects went smoothly and clients walked away happy. While many design studios are churning out trendy logos and using canned emails, we remained human-focused. We take the time to work with our clients one on one, to collaborate with them and value their opinions, and to always have a human behind the screen ready to answer any questions.


These three things are what kept the inquiries flowing in, even when our website didn’t exist yet! We used our social media to showcase our work, our previous clients to leave us reviews and then refer their friends, and our unique process to ensure the entire project was an amazing experience for everyone involved.

What are some things you do to keep the bookings flowing in? Are any of these things something you could work on in your own biz? Chat with us in the comments, below. ⇩

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