25 Actually Cool Client Gifts Under $25


Before slumping into holiday hibernation mode, check our client gift list — twice. Filled with unique, tasteful, and practical ideas, this roundup of 25 gifts under $25 is totally heartfelt and Hands-approved.

For Organization Junkies:
Custom Designed Notepads

Leave your brand stamp on something that helps clients stay organized.

For Calm Seekers:
Lavender Travel Candle Tin

A lavender or lemon-scented candle promotes productivity and reduces stress. Plus, we love the minimal garden design.

For Hot Beverage Lovers:
Custom Campfire Mugs

Cozy ceramic mugs come in a range of colors with a speckled finish. This useful gift is a solid option for any client, really. Fill with individual teas or cocoas to add an extra special touch.

For Major Planners:
Poketo Desk Planner

It’s no secret we heart Poketo. Now, your clients will too. The super functional desk planner features perforated sections for take home lists or can remain fully intact at the office.

For the Wild Card:
Coffee Sampler

Wake up, and smell the options! This affordable assortment of blends should please a variety of coffee drinker’s palettes.

For the Frequent Flyer:
Carry on Cocktail Kit

Because every hustler deserves a happy hour, especially on travel days! Gift the sky-ready ingredients for classic drinks like a gin & tonic, old fashioned, and hot toddy.

For the Expert Networker:
Business Card Holder

This stainless steel card carrier checks all the boxes -- smart, cool, and professional. We’d call that a darn good connection and think your clients will agree.

For Those On-The-Go:
EasyAcc Portable Charger

Practical people! On-the-go power is just a few clicks away. Give your clients the gift of mobile reliability. They’ll thank you when their touchy battery bounces back.

For Decorators & Art Lovers:
Society6 Giftcard

Ok, so we know these gift cards start at $25, but we’re confident you’ll forgive us. Let your clients pick a piece that’s inspiring and purely them. Bonus? It’s fun to just browse the collection of artists’ works!

For the Rebel Client:
This Read

Allow your clients to awaken their rebellious streak this year. Gift them Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break the Rules at Work and in Life, one of this year’s top 10 books on business and leadership.

For Students of Self-Care:
This Read

Playing your book suggestions a little safer? Try How to Not Always Be Working: A Toolkit for Creativity and Radical Self-Care. Everyone can get behind some self-care, mindfulness, and work/life separation.

For those with FOMO:
Something “Local”

Now’s your chance to share something straight from your hometown. Take our studio for example. Maybe we’d send some Portland-made honey to give clients a sweet taste of our stomping grounds.

For the Print Advocates:
Magazine Subscription

Print isn’t dead. Let your giftee select an inspiring publication to be delivered monthly. A sure way to keep them thinking about you all year long.

For Nature Novices:
Sill Planter + Air Plant

No dirt or real watering required. A regular misting keeps this low-maintenance plant looking fresh. Perfect for adding life to a cubicle or neglected window sill.

For Do Gooders and Chocolate Eaters:
Jcoco Mini Chocolate Bars

Edible goodness and a good cause. We love this gift for a bunch of reasons -- interesting flavors, bold packaging, energizing effects, and the non-gmo/gluten-free/kosher guarantee. Oh, and did we mention with every 3 ounces of jcoco chocolate sold, they donate a fresh serving of food to someone in need?

For the Snackers:
Seasonal Kernels

Something that tastes as good as its container looks? We’ll take it. Impress and delight clients with Cinnamon Bourbon Pecan Popcorn, a festive and decadent snack for off hours or improvised lunch breaks.

For Those in Need of Hydration (aka Everyone!):
Takeya Water Bottle

Promote hydration and ease of use! Your clients will love the compact, stainless steel water bottle with a covered spout.

For the Multitaskers:
UO Knit Tech Glove

Work doesn’t stop when the weather changes. For those looking to send that last-minute email without their fingers falling off, this is a must!

For Your Classiest Clients:
Tiled Margot Monogram Mug

A beautiful and personal gifting option with a look of luxe. Your clients will feel special with every sip they take!

For Homebodies:
Bedside Essentials Pocket

Whether your client is rarely off the clock or just prefers their essentials closeby, this neutral felt pouch is ultra convenient and comforting.

For the Cautious:
Charging Dock

Perfect for clients that work from home. The dock cleverly protects and stores your phone and charging gear, while keeping away from curious pets or kids on-the-move!

For Clients Looking for Some Shut Eye:
Eye Stones

You may not be able to snag a massage deal under $25, but you can definitely help clients step away from the screen and rest their lids.

For Nostalgia Lovers:
Kodak FunSaver Disposable Camera

The gift of nostalgia never goes out of style. Clients will appreciate this fun “throwback” to simpler photography methods and put down their smartphones, even if for a second.

For Poppy People:
Poppin Double Tray

The first step to working better and “happier” is to declutter your space. This multifunctional and modern tray stores large and small items. Pick from a bold selection of colors to brighten up any client’s workspace.

What are some affordable client gift options you’d be into gifting or getting? Spill your favorites in the comments below! ⇩

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