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Hands Hot Take: Having a Logo is NOT Having Branding

So you’ve got your vision, your product or service is 100% dialed in, and you’re ready to launch your new business. You’re pumped and excited! Your roommate’s friend, who has Photoshop, whipped up a fancy looking logo for you. This means you have branding right? We hate to break it to you, but you don't. You have a logo. The word branding is on the tip of all designer’s tongues these days and we’re here to explain the difference.

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How We Booked Up Months in Advance (With NO Website!)

Over the last year or so, we began to book up our projects months in advance but we didn’t yet have our website up. It wasn’t expected at all as a website is a key component to running a business. In fact, we highly advise you have a website in place, as a website works for you when you aren’t, but we know sometimes it just isn’t possible at the time. While we didn’t have ours up yet, we made sure cover all the bases and today we’re going over the three key things we did to stay booked up at least two months in advance.

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10 FREE Business Apps That We Use Every Day

We understand how important it is that the tools you use be affordable and accessible when starting a business on your own. We started our design studio with no capital, no investors, and no idea what we were getting into! We learned so much along the way - including the glory of free apps - and want to share 10 of our favorites with you, today. So! Let's dig in.

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