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Tiny but mighty.


When you work with us, you’re not just getting a designer – you’re getting a tiny team who believes in your brand, understands the digital marketing playing field, and makes decisions that will truly resonate with your audience. We’ve got all of the knowledge, know-how, and savvy of a big ‘corporate’ design firm, without the extended project timelines, exuberant pricing, or lack of collaboration. Learn a bit more about us, below.




In 2016, Natalie officially founded the studio after working as the Art Director for a candy company. She decided it was time to do something that was truly fulfilling and positively impact others. Since then, Natalie has worked with over 200 brands worldwide, visually communicating their message the right way and getting tangible results. She has experienced the joy of having her work published in many forms and being featured by Behance for digital illustration. When she's not running the show here at the studio, you can find her designing for fun, exploring the beauty of the PNW, brainstorming a side hustle (or two), or relaxing with the intern and her amazing fiancé, Ben.


Exploring new cities
Soup… all the soups
Fresh, new notebooks
Rainy days
Hidden neighborhood cafés
Making lists and charts


“Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make them come true.” - Leon J. Suenens




Basically, she’s the worst intern ever. We realized that if we fired her, she would still just hang around the studio all the time, so we let her remain an unpaid intern. Noodles loves catching bugs, walkies, munchin’ on green beans or bananas, and playing in one of the many rivers beautiful Oregon has to offer. She may not know how to email or post to socials, but she sure can do a good ‘stand’ or ‘fist bump.’ She's been our grunty intern for 5 years now and sometimes can be heard in the background on client calls. You can see more of Noodles on our highlighted Instagram story, titled ‘Pup Intern’.


Going for walks
Seeing other dogs when on walks
Cuddling under the blanket
When guests come to visit


“Do you want a treat?”
- Mom or Dad


Own a brand that looks good and does good.


Book your project with us and we plant 12 trees.

Not only are you helping your brand, but you’re helping the Earth! We’re partnered up with OneTreePlanted, a non-profit focused on global reforestation. For every project we book, we plant 12 trees in areas affected by forest fires. In 2018, we planted almost 200 trees! We’re excited to see how many we plant in 2019, all thanks to you!


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